What We Do: Volatility Trading Signals

We help our clients investing in volatility strategies through actionable research and profitable volatility trading signals delivered in a clear, simple and transparent way with entries and exits signals generated by our proprietary algorithmic models on Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) Futures and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)All volatility signals are shared in real time via email and are also available in the Member Area of our website. A daily portfolio update is also always available detailing open positions and performance of closed trades for all our volatility strategies.

Directional Volatility Trading - VIX Futures

Directional – VX is our trading signal service specifically designed for VIX futures traders. The entries and exits signals are generated by five distinct quantitative non-discretionary systems developed on the Cboe Volatility index (VX) Future and also tradable using the Mini VIX Futures (VXM).

Directional - VX - Performance - Summary Table

The combined performance of the five systems since 2004 is summarised in the table above. We have been trading live all the systems on the website since August 2019.

Directional Volatility Trading - ETPs

Directional – ETPs is our trading signal service specifically designed for individuals that don’t trade futures or derivatives but at the same time want to get access to the diversity of returns achievable trading volatility exchange traded products.
The entry and exit signals are generated by seven distinct quantitative non-discretionary systems developed on popular Exchange Traded Products such as VXX, VIXY and SVXY. The signals can be also followed using CFDs, especially in countries (e.g. EU) where the above ETPs are not available for trading to retail investors.

Directional - ETPs - Performance - Summary Table

The combined performance of the five systems since 2009 is summarised in the table above. We have been trading live all the systems on the website since August 2019.

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How we provide our services

We publish real time alerts via email and on our website.

Realtime daily alerts

Every day all service’s subscribers will be getting one or more emails including the volatility trading signals as well as a link pointing to a protected webpage containing new signals generated by the strategies, all the current positions the strategies hold and the list of all previous trades.
All trades taken are based on the daily timeframe to give everyone plenty of time to execute orders after they are sent out.
Furthermore, new orders need to be placed before the open of the traded market (i.e. 5pm for VIX futures and 8.30am for ETPs – both Chicago time) or in rare circumstances during the session.

This is not HFT or day trading

None of our strategies are very active.  In other words, it’s extremely easy to follow our strategies as they only generate new signals few times per month. The average number of trades per year for each of our directional strategies ranges from 10 to 30.
On those days when signals are generated, clients need to access and place the orders in their trading platform. After that, clients just need to wait for the next signal to be actioned.
If assistance is needed with that, most brokers these days have very good customer service and they will be able to walk you through the process.

BASE Volatility Trading: Who We Are

At BASE Volatility Trading, we help our clients successfully navigate and invest in the growing volatility landscape, providing independent research and trading ideas on volatility and volatility instruments, products that are are still poorly understood and frequently underinvested in.
We started years ago as a group of traders and developers trading proprietary money on the basis of our research and the signals generated by the strategies we created. Today, BASE Volatility Trading want to offer the same research into the market, making our investment ideas and strategies available to individual investors and professional firms in financial marketplace.
In short, if you have been looking for a company able to give you a concrete opportunity at generating return out of volatility, look no further and welcome to BASE Volatility Trading!

Active Strategies
Average Annual Return
Trades per Year

Why We Are Different

We set up BASE Volatility Trading on the principles of Accountability, Transparency and Trust  – values that are difficult to come across in the financial services industry – and we work everyday on the base of those principles to make our clients successful and profitable.



Accountability is about taking responsibility for our actions, always ensuring to be able to justify the decision we make, and always putting clients’ interests first.



Every signal we issue is timestamped and shared via email and Twitter in realtime. We don’t hide our history. In other words, when we’re wrong, it’s right there for all to see – every win, loss, and tie.



We put our money where our mouth is. Therefore, we trade any single signal we publish and share with our clients. Reports from our brokers are periodically uploaded and made available to clients.