Twelve active directional strategies condensed in two model portfolios

We offer directional trade entries and exits signals generated by our proprietary algorithmic models on Cboe Volatility Index (VX) Futures and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).


We grouped our strategies in two model portfolios, as better described below. We recommend to use the directional volatility signal generated by our strategies as part of those proposed  portfolios in order to minimise the capital necessary to trade these systems and improve the overall risk metrics.


The signals generated by the five strategies proposed in the Model Portfolio #1 are available for Directional – VX subscribers, whilst the strategies associated to the Model Portfolio #2 are available for Directional – ETPs subscribers.

For more information on Model Portfolio #1 click here. For more information on Model Portfolio #2 click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum account size I need?

This depends on the number of strategies or the proposed model porfolios you decide to follow and trade. It also depends on the minimum size your broker requests. For the Directional VX model portfolio, we recommend to allocate a minimum of $60k (or $30K if you want to use the Mini-VX Futures (VXM). This will enable you to trade up to 4 future contracts at the same time and have enough bandwidth to absorb any drawdowns. To trade the Directional ETPs model portfolio, you can allocate as much as you want given the flexibility provided by the investment in ETPs. You can also trade CFDs that require just a 50% margin and can be traded on volatility ETPs also if you are located outside of the US.

How many trades per month will I take?

There is no set number but, depending on market conditions, on average we take around 5 to 10 trades per month. Our strategies are not very active and can be easily followed as they change positions only few times per month. In the tables above you can find all the details.

Can you share more details about your strategies and underlying models?

What we do is proprietary and it has taken time to develop and test. Signals generated by our systems and model are shared to provide traders access to typical hedge fund strategies without all the other issues and limits associated with placing money with those funds.

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